ā€œLife is an adventure, you can take it with you always.ā€

You can sit around and watch hunting movies on your HD TV - or you can live your life in HD! Your TV - no matter how good or expensive - can never give you the smells of hunting, the rain in your hair, sweat on your face, fear in your heart - or the elation of an animal well taken. It's time to join the club that makes a real difference!

Join The Adventure!

The CTSC Top Ten Reasons to Join:

1. You can learn how to hunt in Africa cheap.
2. Join a group where all are friends - no cliques.
3. Enjoy awesome wild game gourmet dinners.
4. Drink some incredible wines - FREE!
5. Share your hunting stories with people that won't yawn.
6. Hunt with your new friends in group hunts.
7. You don't have to stay "in the closet" with your hunting.
8. We have more free socials than any other club in town.
9. Party & have fun with some cool hunters & huntresses.
10. WIN some of the best door prizes in Austin - enjoy truly unbelievable gun raffles.
Safari Club International is the leader in protecting the freedom to hunt and in promoting wildlife conservation worldwide. Since 2000, SCI has spent $140 million on protecting the freedom to hunt through policy advocacy, litigation and education for federal and state legislators to ensure hunting is protected for future generations.